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Yes! It is now easy to migrate your websites with few clicks, without all the hassles.

Migrate files across servers intelligently. Choose all files or only selected folders.

Migrate databases across servers. One-click repeat if further sync is necessary.

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Single-Site Migration Perfect for one-time website migration. It is one-time payment.


Migration Runs Included 5
Free Repeat Migrations Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Connection Speed Moderate
Zero Knowledge Security
Support Service
Email Reports
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MasterPass Perfect for professionals who often do migrations. It is monthly plan.

$99.99 / month

Migration Runs Included Unlimited
Free Repeat Migrations Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Connection Speed High
Zero Knowledge Security
Support Service
Email Reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical use of Fwopy Migrate to transfer website files and database from one hosting to another. Other uses are possible, e.g. database syncs, file syncs.

One migration is one successful transfer of files or database from one server to another. If you transfer both files and one database, as these are two very different operations, this is considered two migrations.

The simple answer is: Economy of Scale. Your hosting provider or developer will charge you much more for doing the same migration because they do that manually and it takes their time. Fwopy has cloud-based migration engine, that saves the big-time efforts of developers. Even your developers may be using our service to do the migration.

Firstly, because it will be cheaper. Then, because Fwopy is built by world-class specialists who have solid experience with migrating data. Lastly, because the chance of error or data corruption in Fwopy Migrate is nearly zero.

cPanel does not do migrations. It does export and import (these features are not available on all hosts). It times out, it is slow, it may give you incomplete and corrupted tar/gz archive, and it will cost your time to wait and deal with potential issues. Fwopy Migrate is clean and simple to use, runs on the background, it is sharply accurate, and it does exactly what it says.

Fwopy has three tier security system that has been built on the principle of Zero Knowledge. Zero Knowledge means we know nothing about the encrypted data you store on our servers.

No. We don't store any files or databases that you migrate. If you ask us to restore data you have migrated - we simply can't, we have never had it.

Yes, our support agents will assist your migration if you have any issues.

Yes. We consider one migration to be up to 20GB of data. If it is beyond that another migration credit will be charged. This is not enforced while in public beta.

United Kingdom and United States. We plan to open more locations in the future.

It varies between 200 Mbps to 4Gbps depending on the region and your plan.

It is usually quite fast compared to other methods. You can start it as soon as you purchase a pack.

Fwopy does not need to have the site down in order to migrate your files and database. Therefore, you can afford to keep your site up while doing the migration.

Sure. We do offer custom-fit plans for hosting providers and busy professionals, please email us at sales@fwopy.com for more information.

We will refund your purchased migration pack if your migration has not made it properly to the remote server and we are not able to help. We will also refund unused full migration packs. We will not refund partially used packs with successful migrations done from them - we can only credit you certain migrations in such cases.

Once you have performed a successful migration, you will see a button called Repeat Migration. This function allows you to re-do your migration as-it-was the last time. This is particularly useful when you have a live website with constantly populating database (or files) and you need to sync them multiple times before stopping your old server and putting the new server live.

Once the migration is finished, you get a report on your email with all the actions that have taken place. If there has been an error (e.g. disk space exhausted) you will get a report too.

You need the SSH credentials for your old and new servers (hosting providers). If you migrate database - the database credentials are also needed.

FTP is both not secure and not reliable due to its legacy.

Usually, you should have them provided by your host. It may be also called SFTP credentials. If you cannot find it, contact your host to provide them.

Too bad. Nowadays most hosting companies provide SSH / SFTP credentials for your site, even with the low-end plans. If your host does not provide SSH / SFTP, it may be bold saying, but you may consider upgrading the plan or switching your host.

Yes, and that's easy. Just add your site SSH/SFTP and Database credentials and proceed with migration.

Unfortunately, no. These are hosted, managed, usually vendor-locked, services where you cannot get your files and database via SSH or SFTP.

Did not find your question? Contact us at sales@fwopy.com

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